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Payment Methods

Uchino currently provides one payment gateway via stripe for our online shoppers.
We acccept major debit/ credit cards. 

Placing an order 

1. Select the item of the colour, size that you will like to purchase and click "Add to Cart" button. 

2. A banner will appear stating that you have successfully added the particular item into your cart. If you would like to amend the quantity, you may do so here. 

3. To continue shopping, click "x" on the banner. If not for checkout, click on the checkout button at the bottom. Please also note that there is a chance that your item might get sold out during your checkout process. Item will only be your's upon confirming your order by receiving a valid Order ID to your email. 

Shopping Cart

To view shopping cart items, click on the "cart" icon at the top right corner of the page. 

Checking Out 

Only proceed to check out after you have checked and confirmed the colours, sizes and quantities of the items in your shopping cart. Discounts code has to be applied before check out is completed. It is important that you check your order before making your purchase as we are unable to edit an order that has already been confirmed. 

You may check out your items as
a. Returning customer
b. New customer
c. Guest

a. Returning Customer
If you have registered an account with us previously, enter your email address and password into the respective fields and click on the “LOGIN” button. 

b. New Customer
If you have never registered an account with us and you would like to do so, you may do so by clicking onto “Create an Account” and register. 

c. Guest
You can proceed to check out by filling in the information required at the check out page.

Shipping Method 

We provide mainly registered postage or courier service for our customers - within or outside of Singapore. Visit Customer Care > Shipping for more information on the various shipping methods and their relevant costs. 

Payment Method

We accept most debit/ credit cards under visa/ master/ amex/ diners. 


Once payment is verified, you will receive a confirmation email from us saying that you have made your order successfully. Following the confirmation email, you will be updated every step of the way via email, until your order gets shipped out of our doors. 

Payment Verified > Processing > Shipped > Arrival 

Payment Verified - Your payment has been received and verified by us. Items ordered has been reserved for you. 

Processing - Internal packing and orders processing which may take 1-5 working days. Orders processed in chronological order. 

Shipped - Orders have been mailed out to Singapore Post/ Courier Partners.  

Arrival - The duration from when your order has been shipped until it arrives at your delivery address should usually be about 1-7 working days depending on your chosen mode of delivery. Festive seasons and holidays will usually see a slow down in shipment.