Beary Chiffon Hooded Bath Towel


A quick wipe from head to body with a hood

A hooded bath towel made of extra-fine non-twisted yarn that is soft to the touch.
It absorbs moisture with a light touch and has a soft and comfortable texture.

With a hood and a long length, you can quickly wipe from the head to the body and use it even if your child grows up.
A convenient piece that can be used not only after taking a bath but also as a swaddle.

Gauze and towels are the first cloths that babies come into contact with when they are born.
I want to protect my beautiful, clear and clear skin, which is sensitive, delicate, and has no cloudiness.
With that in mind, UCHINO is making reliable and reliable products.

Good things for children. This is one of the major roles assigned to adults.

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