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Recommended gift for any occasions. 

The Rich towels are made with hollow yarn, which is produced by combining cotton and water-soluble fibres. Hollow yarn can generously capture air – so despite its ample volume, it is lightweight.

This light and fluffy towel boasts excellent absorbency. It is easy to wring, and quick-drying. The unique hollowness of yarn is also retained after washing, thus maintaining the softness of the towel.

Our THE RICH Gift Sets are available in different beautiful sets for you to choose from:

[SGD249] UR14838_GY / UR14838_OR: Small Bath Towels x2 + Hand Towel x1

[SGD169] UR10838_GY / UR10838_OR: Bath Towel x1 + Hand Towel x1

[SGD129] UB80838_W / UB80838_GY / UB80838_OR: Bath Towel x1

[SGD129] UR70838_GY / UR70838_OR: Small Bath Towel x1 + Hand Towel x1

[SGD89] UF50838_GY / UF50838_OR: Hand Towels x2

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UR14838_GY - Out of Stock
UR14838_OR - Out of Stock
UR10838_GY - Out of Stock
UR10838_OR - Available
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UB80838_OR - Out of Stock
UB80838_W - Out of Stock
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