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Recommended gift for any occasions. 

A towel gift set from the UCHINO premium series that uses the ultra-long cotton "Supima", which is made in Japan and boasts top-class quality among American cotton.

Using high-quality materials, two lightly twisted threads are used for the pile, and it is woven into a generous volume, so it is soft to the touch and has excellent water absorption. It is characterized by its suppleness, softness and rich volume.

Our PREMIUM RICH Gift Sets are available in different beautiful sets for you to choose from:

[SGD149] UR10758_W / UR10758_M: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x2

[SGD119] UR80758_W / UR80758_M: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1

[SGD89] UB60758_W / UB60758_BGY: Bath Towel x1

[SGD79] UR70768_W / UR70768_M: Small Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1

[SGD79] UR50758_W / UR50758_M: Hand towels x2, Face Towel x1

[SGD59] UF40758_W / UF40758_M / UF40758_BE: Hand Towels x2

[SGD39] UG20758_W / UG20758_M: Face Towels x2

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