Takumi No Kiwami Gift Sets (Click for more)


Recommended gift for any occasions. 

The Takumi No Kiwami is created to be light, soft and yet highly absorbent.

It is made out of 1/5 of a regular ultra fine twisted cotton thread. This results in it being soft and fluffy but yet durable. Making this a truly unique and an Artisanal Towel.

Our TAKUMI NO KIWAMI Gift Sets are available in different beautiful sets for you to choose from:

[SGD119] UR10784Z_B / UR10784Z_GY: Small Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1, Face Towel x1

[SGD99] UB80784Z_W / UB80784Z_B / UB80784Z_GY: Bath Towel x1

[SGD59] UF50784Z_W / UF50784Z_GY: Hand Towels x2

[SGD49] UG30784Z_W / UG30784Z_GY: Face Towels x2

[SGD39] UF25784Z_W / UF25784Z_B / UF25784Z_GY: Hand Towel x1

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