The Miracle Towel Gift Sets (Click for more)


Recommended gift for any occasions. 

A miracle towel "Super Marshmallow" that combines amazing lightness that can not be imagined from its volume, softness like marshmallow, and outstanding water absorption that absorbs within 1 second.

One of the features is that it dries quickly after washing, the pile does not come off easily, and there is little fluffing.

Our THE MIRACLE TOWEL Gift Sets are available in different beautiful sets for you to choose from:

[SGD149] UR10758_W / UR10758_M: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towels x2

[SGD119] UR80758_W / UR80758_M: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1

[SGD89] UB60758_W / UB60758_BGY: Bath Towel x1

[SGD79] UR70768_W / UR70768_M: Small Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1

[SGD79] UR50758_W / UR50758_M: Hand Towels x2

[SGD59] UF40758_W / UF40758_M / UF40758_BE: Hand Towels x2

[SGD39] UG20758_W / UG20758_M: Face Towels x2

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UF40758_M - Available
UF40758_BE - Out of Stock
UF40758_W - Out of Stock
UR10758_M - Available
UR10758_W - Available
UR60758_M - Available
UR60758_W - Available
UR80758_M - Out of Stock
UR80758_W - Out of Stock
UR50758_M - Out of Stock
UR50758_W - Out of Stock
UR70768_M - Out of Stock
UR70768_W - Out of Stock
UB60758_BGY - Available
UB60758_W - Available
UG20758_M - Available
UG20758_W - Available