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Recommended gift for any occasions. 

A very well-sucking series of "very fluffy" towel gifts that pursues "water absorption" that many people are interested in.

A towel made from high-quality ultra-long fiber cotton combed to remove short fibers and using a special untwisted yarn with only long fibers. The thin and long fibers create a lot of gaps in the thread, which increases the area that comes into contact with the skin and absorbs moisture efficiently. A soft and comfortable towel.

Our GOKUFUWA Gift Sets are available in different beautiful sets for you to choose from:

[SGD99] UR57830_DBE: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1, Face Towel x1

[SGD99] UR50830_BG: Bath Towel x1, Hand Towel x1

[SGD89] UR42830_DBE / UR42830_BG: Hand Towel x2, Face Towel x2

[SGD59] UR21830_BG: Hand Towel x1, Face Towel x1

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