Oboro Japanese Traditional Colour Hand Towel


A towel invented by an artist.

Shozaburo Morita was born in 1876 in Japan and grew to become a professional portrait painter. In 1908, with the objective of activating local trade, he invented an unusual towel – only the towel’s ground yarn was dyed without colouring the pile yarn, so it looks as if it was obscured in mist. It was named the “Oboro Dye Towel” and was patented.

The biggest reason Oboro Towels have been loved for over a century is its unique texture and ease of use for washing the body. With just the right thickness, it’s soft to the skin, yet easy to wring and quick to dry. The Japanese, who love baths and hot springs, enjoy this towel that is convenient for both washing and wiping and have continued to use it over the years.

At Uchino, Oboro towel continues to be manufactured using the exact same traditional process invented by Shozaburo Morita.

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Light Pink / 34 x 90cm - Available
Pink / 34 x 90cm - Available
Dark Pink / 34 x 90cm - Available
Dark Blue / 34 x 90cm - Available
Blue / 34 x 90cm - Available
Yellow Green / 34 x 90cm - Available
Green / 34 x 90cm - Available
Orange / 34 x 90cm - Available