Cotton Color Slippers (Unisex)

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Cotton Colored Slippers (Unisex)

TSP 24932 

Experience softness like never before with these covered cotton slippers that keep you happy all day long. They keep your feet warm after taking a bath, while also wicking moisture away, so your feet dry quickly and stay that way. They promise such soft comfort that you will not only want to wear them everyday but also bring them along whenever and wherever you travel. 

- Machine Washable (to keep it clean)

- Quick Dry

- Infused with Antibacterial treatment

They are made of a special polyester filament that has excellent water absorbency and quick drying properties.It absorbs and diffuses water quickly due to the capillary phenomenon, which makes it smooth and comfortable to use. Another feature is that it dries very quickly after hydration.


Beige, White, Grey, Pink, Blue, Dark Violet

Available Sizes: 


Care Instructions:

- After hand-washing or washing with a weak stream of water, adjust the shape and dry in the shade. Please avoid using a dryer.

- Do not use chlorine bleach.

- Avoid using a scrubbing brush or a brush.

- Separate from dark colored products may make the washing liquid turbid, so please wash separately from other items. Also, to prevent color transfer, do not leave it wet.

(Due to the nature of the product, please forgive that we are unable to do replacement or refund when this is purchased for hygiene purposes)