Super Marshmallow Towel

  • $89.00

Super Marshmallow (Soft, Fluffy, Absorbent and Light)

The miracle award winning towel “Super Marshmallow” combines softness and fluffiness into a towel, making it feel like marshmallow. Weaved using high-quality Grade 1 Xinjiang extra-long staple cotton, this superior cotton is spun into superfine 60-count yarn that is than made into outstanding towels that has higher absorbency (Under 1 second) and wiping capability than conventional towel.

Enjoy the softness, fluffiness, high absorbency and lightweight towel Everyday. 

- 100% Cotton

-  "OMOTENASHI Selection Gold Award (2015-2019)" is an award given to products and services born from the spirit of "hospitality" unique to Japan, through selection from a global perspective.

-  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I Certification. We acquired the most stringent Class 1 Certification that ensures products can safely touch even babies' mouth. 

- "Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association recommended item" is granted through rigorous screening including patient trials to be deemed beneficial by the Association for patients.  


Blue, Beige, Blue Grey, Yellow, Blue Green, Purple, White 

Available Sizes: 

Bath Towel: (70cm x 140cm) SGD 89

Hand Towel: (34cm x 85cm) SGD 29

Face Towel: (34cm x 40cm) SGD 16

Care Instructions:

When Laundering

- Wash with more water (Washing with enough water so that soil can be removed easily and prevents fluff from adhering to the towels.

- Use fabric softener sparingly (Use softener only when towels feel hard. Overuse may diminish towel absorbency and cause shedding.)

-Do not leave it wet (Leaving towels wet will cause bacteria to breed and develop unpleasant odors. We recommend frequent laundering and immediately hanging to dry.)

-Do not mix (Separate with dark colored clothes and clothes with accessories as the delicate yarn might get pulled or color might stain the towels from other clothes) 

When Drying

- Shake out the towel before hanging to dry (After the spin cycle and before hanging to dry, whip the towel strongly 5-10 times. The terry pile that flattened during washing will return to its original state and stay fluffy after hanging out to dry.)

- Hang in the shade, Use a Dryer (Hang towels to dry in the shade and where there is good ventilation. Hanging them in the sun will cause the color to fade and harden. Tumble drying is the best way to get a fluffy finish.