We ship locally & worldwide 🌏 


Uchino international operations are conducted through authorized distributors. 

We believe in long term and transparent business relationships and provides partnering distribution companies with training and business support. 

Our distributor partners are experienced retailers who have a deep understanding of the retail landscape in their territory. They also possess the required experience in retail operations and have resources to operate multiple stores concurrently within a territory.

Our authorized distributors will be granted rights to sell Uchino products, subject to compliance with our high standards.

If you wish for us to consider your request to be our authorized distributor, please provide us more information for the following: 

  1. Which territory your organization is interested in.
  2. An introduction of your organization.
  3. The potential our brand has in the territory of your choice, with all the necessary supporting information and the estimated number of locations within the territory. 

You may reach us at business@uchino.com.sg