Bincho Charcoal Shijima Towel

  • $189.00

Binchotan Charcoal Towel

Binchotan Charcoal Towel is made from rayon and cotton mixed with fine powder of Bincho charcoal and woven into a gauze that is gentle on the skin. The fine pores on the surface of the charcoal adsorb odorous molecules and exert a high deodorizing effect. The absorbed molecules are removed during laundering and drying in the sun, so effect lasts through repeated use. 


Dark Grey & Grey

Available Sizes:

Long Bath Towel (90cm x 180cm) SGD 189

Bath Towel (70cm x 140cm) SGD 129

Hand Towel (34cm x 85cm) SGD 49

Face Towel (34cm x 40cm) SGD 29

Towelchief (25cm x 25cm) SGD 19

Care Instructions:

- Do separate from dark colored laundries when being washed and it is advisable to wash it with a laundry net as the yarn is designed to be non-twisted which means it can be easily pulled when mix with other laundries.

- Softening agent will cause the pile to fall off easily therefore it is advisable to avoid using it for the first few washes.

- Do shape it before hanging out to dry.

- Do avoid using the dryer with this product.