Grass-Stained OG Gauze ( K U Gauze Towel)

  • $159.00

K U Dot Gauze Towel is an award winning towel that uses only natural dyes such as herbs that are used in our daily life. Unbleached organic cotton yarn is dyed using the traditional tie-dyeing technique and woven into a double face piled towel. A beautiful towel with natural unevenness that creates a natural and rich look.

Uchino won the Discovery Award at the Maison & Objet Fair in Paris in 2009 for this product line using this technology.


Blue - (Dyed with Luxpar), Pink - (Dyed with Rosehip), Yellow - (Dyed with Chamomile), Violet - (Dyed with Rack), Beige - (Dyed with Olive Oil)

Available Sizes:

Bath Towel : 9480L018 (80m x 160Cm) SGD 159

Hand Towel: 9420F018 (34cm x 80cm) SGD 49

Face Towel: 9410G018 (34cm x 35cm) SGD 29

Care Instructions: 

- Due to the delicate characteristics of the product. The color will fade due to light and  multiple washing. Do avoid direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time. 

- Do separate from dark colored laundries when being washed and it is advisable to wash it with a laundry net.

- Softening agent will cause the pile to fall off easily therefore it is advisable to avoid using it for the first few washes.

- Do avoid using the dryer with this product