Marshmallow Gauze Men's Colour Pajamas

  • $239.00

UCHINO's relaxation clothing is a towel material that combines excellent water absorption and moisturizing ability, and releases stress from everyday gauze materials. The marshmallow gauze men's pajamas are astoundingly innovative marshmallow gauze, with astonishing lightness and softness achieved by combining fine, soft, low twist yarns and high strength yarns and weaving threefold. 

※ Marshmallow gauze is a recommended item from the Japan Atopic Association. 


M Length: 72 cm Width: 57 cm Waist: 79 cm
Waist (rubber rise): 80 cm Pants Length: 97 cm 

LA Length: 75 cm Width: 61 cm Waist: 81 cm
Waist (rubber rise): 90 cm Pants Length: 100 cm 

XL Length: 78 cm Width: 65 cm Length: 83 cm
Waist (rubber rise): 100 cm Pants length: 103 cm

Material 100% cotton