Oboro T Japanese Traditional Color Towel

  • $59.00

The Oboro Japanese traditional towel fuses seasonal inspired colors and high quality weaving techniques into one unique towel that comes in 8 traditional colors. This nostalgic masterpiece has been handed down since ancient times in Japan. A traditional process was used during the making of the Oboro towel to make sure the towel retain its texture and softness even after repeated washing. They are thin, light, dries easily and yet highly absorbent. Making it a beautiful and functional towel for everyone who uses it.


Sakura (Light Pink), Matcha (Green), Peony (Dark Pink), Indigo (Dark Blue), Young Grass (Yellow Green), Yamabuki (Orange), Sky(Blue)

Available Sizes:

Bath Towel (72cm x 140cm) SGD 59

Hand Towel (34cm x 90cm) SGD 29

Face Towel (34cm x 40cm) SGD 15

Care Instructions:

When Laundering

- Wash with more water (Washing with enough water so that soil can be removed easily and prevents fluff from adhering to the towels.

- Use fabric softener sparingly (Use softener only when towels feel hard. Overuse may diminish towel absorbency and cause shedding.)

-Do not leave it wet (Leaving towels wet will cause bacteria to breed and develop unpleasant odors. We recommend frequent laundering and immediately hanging to dry.)

-Do not mix (Separate with dark colored clothes and clothes with accessories as the delicate yarn might get pulled or color might stain the towels from other clothes) 

-Do not use Chlorine or Bleach

When Drying

- Shake out the towel before hanging to dry (After the spin cycle and before hanging to dry, whip the towel strongly 5-10 times. The terry pile that flattened during washing will return to its original state and stay fluffy after hanging out to dry.)

- Hang in the shade, Use a Dryer (Hang towels to dry in the shade and where there is good ventilation. Hanging them in the sun will cause the color to fade and harden. Tumble drying is the best way to get a fluffy finish.