Super Absorbent Dot Hair Towel

  • $29.00

Super absorbent Dot Hair towel is a hair towel that is designed to quickly absorb and dry your hair. A bundle of 1/100 ultra-fine fibers (microfibers) is weaved to promote efficient capillary action. This means it will quickly absorb and dissipate moisture, and also saves the use of a dryer. It is smooth and comfortable to use.

It is printed in a cheerful polka dot print to promote happiness as you wear it at home. It is ideal as a bath towel for sports and travel. 

Code: 88H1H472

Material: 70% polyester, 30% nylon

Color : 

Pink or Yellow

Available Size:

(35cm x 90cm)

Care Instructions:

- If you feel pain by rubbing or if it does not fit your skin, discontinue use.
- Water absorption may decrease due to adhesion of treatment agents. We recommend washing after each use.
- Avoid using a dryer, bleach or softener.