Sea Island Cotton Luxury

  • $229.00

A towel with a silky luster and a cashmere-like feel, woven from the world's finest cotton, Sea Island Cotton, nicknamed the jewel of textiles. The finest cotton "Sea Island Cotton", which is harvested only in the five areas of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea, has long been used as a valuable fiber by the British royal family and aristocratic feeling.
Its supple, soft feel, unchanging texture and silky luster make it a jewel of textiles.

A jacquard-patterned bath towel that is made by firmly weaving a luxurious medallion pattern with 50-count twin threads. A smooth and glossy piece unique to sea island cotton with a long fiber length. A special towel that will make you happy with special gifts such as wedding celebrations.

- 100% Cotton

-  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I Certification. We acquired the most stringent Class 1 Certification that ensures products can safely touch even babies' mouth. 



White, Beige, Brown

Available Size:

Bath Towel (70cm x 140cm)

Hand Towel (34cm x 85cm)

Face Towel (34cm x 40cm)