• $99.00

Tsuyushiba (露芝)   

A single face gauze towel made with non-twisted yarn for the pile surface, so it feels soft, fluffy and it is easy to dry. The Tsuyushiba towel is filled with crescent shaped arc that shows the dewdrops on the grass. Often used as a pattern on kimonos and belts, this traditional Japanese pattern is still modern today. 




Bath Towel (68cm x 140cm) SGD 99

Hand Towel (33cm x 85cm) SGD 39

Face Towel (33cm x 40cm) SGD 19

Care Instructions: 

- Do separate from dark colored laundries when being washed and it is advisable to wash it with a laundry net as the yarn is designed to be non-twisted which means it can be easily pulled when mix with other laundries. 

- Softening agent will cause the pile to fall off easily therefore it is advisable to avoid using it for the first few washes.

- Do avoid using the dryer with this product.