Stretch Color Stripe Hair Towel

  • $29.00

Stretch Color Stripe Hair Towel stretches out and keeps your hair organized. It holds the hair firmly together and it does not allow it to fall or shift. It is designed to quickly absorb and dry your hair. This saves the use of a dryer and protects the hair from excessive damage from the heat of a dryer as you can allow it to dry naturally. It is smooth and comfortable to use. 

-  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I Certification. We acquired the most stringent Class 1 Certification that ensures products can safely touch even babies' mouth. 

Material: 98% cotton 2% polyurethane

Code: 88H1H795

 Size: 33 x 85 cm

Color: Pink, Blue, Ivory

Care Instructions:

- Water absorption may decrease due to adhesion of treatment agents. We recommend frequent washing.
- Avoid using a dryer, bleach or softener.